Professional Experience and Information

Professional Experience and Information



Universities Title of Position   Year
University of Duhok-Zakho Kurdistan Region –Iraq Consultant in Chemistry 2012- present
Promotion committee of Zakho Univ. President of committee 2012- present
University of Zakho College of Education, Dept. of  Chemistry, Zakho, KRI Professor in Chemistry

Head of Dep’t of Chem.

2004 – 2012
University of Baghdad (College of Education for Women) Professor in Chemistry (Post Graduate Studies) 1990-2004
Journal of College of Education for Women, Editorial Board, Iraq Secretary 1993-present
Inter. J. of Energy Environmental Economics, USA Editorial Board 1993-present
Center of R and D, Ministry of Oil, Baghdad Consultant 1994-present
Establishment for Standardization and Quality Control and Iraqi Codex Consultant 1995-present
Solar-Energy Research Center, Baghdad Head of Chem-Bio Conversion 1984-1990
Solar Energy Research Center, Baghdad Researcher 1981-1984
University of Salah-Aldin Former (Sulaimanyh) Department of Chemistry, Iraq. Responsible for M.Sc. study in the Department and Import Office in the College of Science 1979-1981
Iraqi Solar Energy Research Center, Baghdad Consultant 1980-1981
ZANCO, Sci. J. of Sula Univ. (Editorial Board) Secretary 1981-1982


University of Sulaimanyh Head of Chem. Dept. 1973-1977
University of Sulaimanyh Lecturer 1971-1973
University of Basrah Lecturer 1970-1971
University of Birmingham, U.K. Research Student 1967-1970
University of Basrah, Dept. of Chemistry, IRAQ Demonstrator 1965-1967