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Welcome to my personal website!

I’m Prof. Dr. Salah Naman, I born in Amadiya, Iraq in 1942. I have done my education in Amadiya, Mosul, and Baghdad. I graduated from the department of Chemistry, College of Science, the University of Bagdad in 1965. I did my postgraduate study (M.Sc & Ph.D.) in Physical-Chemistry in Birmingham, the UK at 1970. The following are some of my personal and educational information.


Personal Information

Family name: Naman
First name: Salah Aldin M. A.
Date of birth: 1 July 1942
Place of birth: Amadiyah – Duhok
Nationality: Iraqi
Present nationality: Iraqi
Marital status: Married, with two children / Lelav (Architect) and Gulav (Physician)
Sex: Male
Present address: Consultant in The  University of Duhok-Zakho Kurdistan Region –Iraq

Director and owner  of GARA laboratory for Food and Industrial analysis Inspection Duhok -Kurdistan

Home address: 9, Pirs Street.1001 j j Duhok .Kurdistan region Iraq
Emails salah.naman@yahoo.com, Salah.Naman@uoz.edu.krd
Tele. 00964 0750 4131003


Educational Data

Place Degree/Date Specializations
Secondary school Amadiyh-Mosul 1961 Science
University College of Science, University of Baghdad, Iraq 1965, B.Sc. Chemistry

(very good)

Postgraduate Department of Chem., University of Birmingham, England 1970, Ph.D. Physical Chemistry (Photochemistry)


Topics of M.Sc. (Q) thesis: "Photolysis of carbonyl compounds in the gas phase"
Topics of Ph.D. thesis: "Photolysis and thermal decomposition of carbonyl compounds in the gas phase"
At the University of Baghdad in 1990, I became Professor of Physical Chemistry. 

Language                    State of Knowledge

English                           Very good

Arabic                            Very good

Kurdish                          Very good