Membership in the International Scientific Institutes


Member of Iraqi Chemical Society 1971
Member of Royal Institute of Chemistry (UK) MRIC 6-24-77
Fellow of Royal Institute of Chemistry (UK) FRIC 8-07-88
Chartered Chemist (from RIC in the UK) 12-06-77
Member of International Seminar in Chemics & Physics, University of Uppsala, Sweden 77-78
Member of International Solar Energy Society 1977
Member of European Photochemistry Association (EPA) 1978
Member of Inter Hydrogen Energy Society 1982
Member of Advisory Board for Inter. Associa. for Hydrogen Energy 1986-till now
Member of World Constitution and Parliament Association, Colorado FL-USA 11-11-89
Member of World Circle of the Consensus CH-8055-Zurich-Switzerland 21-09-89
Who’s and Who in the world: Marquis Who’s and Who editor include my biographical data to 15th edition of Who’s and Who in the world, No. 15 PWO4, 26031906

International Advisory Board of Hydrogen Energy




1982 tile now